Aquarium safe silicone and kalk


I'm replacing my 1.5 Gal DIY kalk dripper with dual 5 gallon DIY kalk dripper. I'm using two 5 gallon plastic water bottles to hold the kalkwasser. I'm using a John Good RO/DI bulkhead in the bottom of the water bottles, but it turns out that the bulkheads don't seem to be meant for submerged use. Water leaks around the outside of the plastic tubing. I plan on using some silicone sealant around the tube on the inside of the water bottles to keep the water from leaking through the bulkhead. Is silicone safe to use with kalkwasser? I just want to make sure the high PH of kalk wouldn't be a problem.


silicone will work i have never had any problems with it but it must be 100% silicone. i used silicon on every thing, but u must let it dry for 48 hours befor use. but i like waiting a little longer just to make such its a go when its time.