Aquarium Supplies for sale (will ship) tanks, pumps, sump, skimmer...etc


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I have several things for sale as I am getting out of the hobby and no longer have use for this high quality equipment. All items are O.B.O. so don't hesitate to make offers. If someone wants multiple items they'll save on shipping. Thanks for looking.
PM me or send me an email at
Seio 1100 GPH superflow powerhead - $40.00 shipped

Seio 1500 GPH supreflow powerhead - $45.00 shipped

Seio Electronic Controller - $100.00 shipped

(all are in excellent condition)
AGA Model 1 Megaflow sump - $125.00 shipped

65g AGA w/ overflow and matching AGA modern style stand - both black - $250 (pickup only)

nautilus protein skimmer - $50 shipped


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Originally Posted by HotKrumba
You got mail. ASAP
Hey man, sorry i sent you that email about the pumps before i read one my PM on here from someone buying the two pumps. i still have to controller though and would be willing to give you a good price on it if you're interested. lemme know


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here are some more pics of the stuff, and a few more items
titanium heater w/ thermostat
$30 shipped

mag 7
45 shipped

seio controller (wavemaker)
$100 shipped



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make me some offers guys im willing to let everything go cheap gotta have it outa here this week!
I would be willing to do a great deal on the tank if anybody from swfish is local! just need it outa here thanks guys
everything still available except seios and controller