aquariums in rain forest cafe in Chi town


:jumping: It was awsome to c the aquariums they have there amd how the one as you enter the restruant is constucted. IF you are ever at woodfield mall it is deffinetly worth checking out . Ooo and that puffer in there was huge
i've been to 2 different rainforest cafes and was impressed with both set ups they had, i made the group i was with sit by one of the smaller tanks they had it helped pass the time while waiting forever for our food, (quite a while ago, so forever was about twenty min.)


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The one in downtown Chi town is pretty impressive too. Goes from downstairs to the upstairs. Its next to Hard Rock and across from the Blues store/stage.


Well right now I would have to say the one in mall of America is nice but not as nice as Woodfield. Then it would be a toss up for the one at Animal kingdom at Disney or Chitown. Only reason I really like to eat there is because of the Saltwater tanks. Food is alright but I am to busy watching the tanks...


We have one here in Michiigan at Great Lakes Crossing Mall. Don't go to often because IMO the food is horrible and really expensive.


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Originally posted by spslover
i love to eat and watch them

Ok, I can understand loving to watch them, but didn't the employees get pissed when you ate the fish?


I have a friend you used to be a diver/feeder at the rainforest. She lived in terror of foxface spines!