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As you can see from my picture I didn't get very high with aquascaping, I'm a bit worried it would just all collapse on my fish.
Anyone got any tips on how to go about piling rocks up safely?
Also anyone got any recommendations on a better way to lay out the rock to benefit airflow so I can have the tank all healthy. Am looking to get corals but think it might be best to wait till the rock formation is sorted.


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Do you know how to “lock” the rocks into place? You twist gently and turn each piece and you will feel it “lock’ and not move. I have used a ceramic decoration for a base and built my rock up on that to create a really cool cave.
Make sure your rock in on the bottom and substrate on that. Don’t build in the sand. To be honest what you have done looks nice, if it is unstable try to lock them using the method I explained above.