Are Humu Humu Triggers ok in reef tanks?


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Your inverts will become snacks. This fish is best for a FOWLR tank.
Saragassum, Pink Tail & Blue Throat Triggers are much better choices. Also depends on the size of tha tank. Jim


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No. They can be really agressive, and would kill most fish kept in a every day reef. And they would eat inverts, so you'd have a hard time keeping the tank looking clean. Also, if it would go into your 29 gallon in your profile, thats wayy to small to keep a trigger.
I know that they would eat most inverts, but there is a Humu Humu at my LFS and it has not grown for over six months, he's only about 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 inches long. Does this mean that it is a dwarf and wont grow any more, or is it just a slow grower? If it is a dwarf, Will the smaller size keep it from eating the inverts and corals, and make it not so mean because it doesnt have a size advantage? I have a 29 gallon biocube.


yeah there fine in small tanks. i have 2 in my 10 gallon along with a 4 clownfish. you could easily fit like 4or5 in a 29gallon.
go get some