Are Lee's brand of protein skimmers good?


Are Lee's brand of protein skimmers good? i bought one on ---- for a 30 gallon tank and just got it today. are they any good?? also what should i use to power it?? a powerhead or a pump??


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They're not bad. They employ the tried and true conter-current method, and as long as you are using a good air pump and keeping the airstone clean, you should have no problems with this skimmer.


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Nothing wrong with a lee skimmer, but make sure you keep a good air stone in it......don't get cheap and buy those el cheapo ones, as they will not work right.....Limewood does best....or some of those porous ceramic types I have heard do ok as well. Y0u need an air pump not a power head to power a Lee.


Yea for the one for up to 30 gallons you do need a double line air pump. Go to walmart and find one under 10 bucks.
Good luck