Are There Saltwater Catfish



yes. marine catfishes.... all venomous though.
heck theres even a saltwater betta


They are very different than the common cory freshwater catfish however. They get huge, need to be kept in a school, have venomous spines, and are highly predatory.


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Do you mean, is there anything for saltwater that eats algae like plecos? Sadly, no. I used to have a 30 gallon freshwater tank with a pair of chinese algae eaters. Those two kept everything spotless, and they lived forever. In fact, I don't think I could have killed them even if I had tried. I wish they had a saltwater counterpart.


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ah, well, i was referring to fw too, so meh, and i thought there was a sw pleco, or at least one that could live in brackish?
No, no saltwater plecos. There is a brackish cat/shark, called a Columbian Shark. They are FW as babies, and can be slowly acclimated into salt (over a month of slowly raising it by .001 or 2. They do better in SW-Brackish as adults. They migrate in through the rivers to have babies.


I used to have a Columbian Shark that I dropped into my SW tank and it lived for a year and then one day just died from ich.

I just might go get another one this week. Thanks for reminding me. :happyfish


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I actually target catfish when fishing in April. I use them for bait for catching tarpon. We have 2 common species the Hardhead (Arius felis) and the Sail Cat (Bagre marinus). Their barbs pack a big punch.