Are u.v. sterilizers worth it?


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I recently started running one, but I bought an undersized unit, because I had ick on all my fish, but I also keep a mandarin. So far, the ick has cleared up nicely over the last few weeks and I still have plenty of pods. The population did decrease but only slightly.
Also, I have NO ALGAE. and that is really nice. I scrape my glass once a month now, I don't even have to magnet the tank either.
I won't run one forever, probably won't even get a new bulb but I will probably keep with it for a while longer.
A lot of people here talk about using one in QT/Hospital tank...thats not a good Idea...well as a Quarentine fine..but if medicating u MUST turn of UV...Copper will change to leathal heavy metal even at low doses
It can also interfer with many be careful.