Avatar help


Ok I see everyone with an avatar to their names and have a pic I would like to use but do not know how to upload it or link it so it comes up? Can anyone help me out? lol I starting to get the hang of all this lol.


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First you need to have at least 25 posts.
After that, you just need a picture that is 100x100 pixels or less and less than 10K.
Then you go into "User CP", go under "Edit Options" and scroll to the bottom. There is a section called "Avatar". Click the "Change Avatar" button. It will take you to a new page. Click on the "Browse" button then double click the pic that you want to use as your avatar. Then click the "Submit Modifications" button and you should be set.
EDIT: I need to learn to type faster. :) Glad you figured it out.