baby shrimp?


Is there anyway that I could get baby shrimp in my tank without having shrimp? This morning I found several 1/4 inch shrimp looking things swimming around my frogspawn.
Any takers?


Active Member this a "which came first the chicken or the egg" question?
Not likely, but you might want to snap a pic.


BangGuy: I did a search on mysid shrimp and got about 17 pages of non related material. Mostly about mysid shrimp being feed to different corals. No pics, however. But I understand that mysid shrimp are not harmful, true?
Anyone got a pic of a mysid shrimp. They're too far for my camera to get a good shot of.
I saw a pic of an amphipod. It looked similar to that, but more shrimp-like and whiter. Are amphipod harmful?
thanks guys.

bang guy

Mysid (Opossum Shrimp) are good fish food, as are most Amphipods. There are harmful Amphipods but they are usually only found attached to their victims and not free swimming.
Here's a pic of one of my Mysid Shrimp. The green belly is from eating phytoplankton so tummy color can vary. It was about 1/5" - 1/4".
If you shine a light on them at night the eyes light up bright red.


Awesome pic!
Mine looks something like that. I'll see if their eyes light up red with a light. How did you get such a close up pic?
Totally off of the subject.....
.....but what type of camera's are you guys/gals using?