Ball Valve in Flex Line?

I am setting up a new reef tank, my first time. I was looking for a description of how to plumb a ball valve into flex line. Hardware stores don't seem to have a reasonable selection of barb fittings. The best I could figure out would involve a couple of PVC fittings on either end of the ball valve (basically to attach a barb). This set up makes a rather large section of hard line compared to the flex line it is plumbed to. Is this right? All opinions appreciated.


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I just use a flex tubing drain with no ball valve and a PVC return. If you are referring to your drain piping just make sure your PVC causes no sharp bends or you will get a gurgling sound
Actually, I am trying to insert a tee with a ball valve off of one of my overflow drains, to direct water to a refugium.
The refugium will gravity drain (via bulkheads) into my sump which contains a protein skimmer and my return pump. (The refugium is elevated on a platform in my cabinet).
I am trying to figure out the best way to circulate water to and from both the refugium (largish rubbermaid) and sump (20 gal glass aquarium). I would like to avoid using more than one pump if I can.
Does this sound OK?
Still, how do you guys who use flex line plumb in a valve?
(Putting this together feels like a thesis project!)
Thanks again!:rolleyes:


well it's your lucky day because as we speak I just did a trail run of all my fittings: I used both flex and sch 40 pvc pipe ( rigid).
I have ball valves both on my returns and my over flows:
90 gal glass with bulk head fittings drilled at the back of the tank:
over flows are 1" and returns are 1/2 " :
bought flex or they call it spa tubeing , you use pvc glue and cleaner just like rigid pvc pipe , I purchased it a lfs and he has some much in fittings. He installs tanks at homes and in corporations. I tee my returns at the back of the tank up high, then at the tee I used a barb - flex - barb - pump.
I glued flex to a ball valve, no problem.
The only thing that could be diffrent is use flex everywhere , because the flow rate is greater at both the return and over flow.
But my job came at so good I am keeping it the way it is.
anymore help I can help you with
good luck
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I just made a T in my flexible hose on the return pump (goes also to my refugium)
See pic to give you an idea.
Wow! Great advice, thank you.
I am working on the plumbing today, so your timing is perfect. The photo is really helpful, I am going to have to get a digital camera so I can show off my tank when it is done (when ever that will be..... soon I hope. I think my husband is getting jealous!)
My hubby says that I can glue the reinforced clear flex tubing that I bought into the ball valves, just the same as the white flex pvc (or rigid pvc). It fits very snugly, and its cheaper. Has anyone tried this? It seems that it would reduce the flow less than the barb fittings that fit inside the tubing.
Help like this is invaluable, keep it up -you are appreciated.