Bang Guy's Nano

bang guy

Moderator be.
I'll start by cleaning it up and leak testing it. The plan is for a multi-biotope. Not much to go on past that yet.
I'm calling it "Return to the Reef".


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I started on this site a few months after you decided to shut'her down. Super excited to see how this tank comes together.


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Even lazier, I'd buy another ten dollar tank. Lol.
Looking forward to this thread!
Whatever happened to your lagoon?


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Where did u get that monstrosity? The bottom of a sewer? I thought my lil 10g build was bad cuz the tank used to be a terranium for my spider... Good luck BG and have fun. Do u always name Ur tanks or Ur builds?


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What happened here?
I'm reading in some threads about how the forum was shut down and see there isnt nearly as much traffic as before, then I see a new Bang Guy's xxxx and it too is dead.
I moved two years ago and have been building an addition to the home that we purchased for a fish room, a bar room, and theater room. So now that the tanks are starting to go back up I find that one of my old favorite places to read is not the same as it once was. Sorry for what ever happened and hope it rebuilds. And hope to see a Bang creation!