Bang Guy's New Sub Compact Concept Car


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WOW. Pics of the other car? Glad you are okay.
I like the design.... I think there might need to be more luggage room.....


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Originally Posted by Bang Guy http:///forum/thread/383360/bang-guy-s-new-sub-compact-concept-car#post_3352378
It was another car estimated to be going 65mph+
I have been really sore but just torn & hyperextended muscles so far. The frame accordioned the motor mounts broke, etc, this car is toast.
What kind of cars where they?
I should post up the picture of the truck I was driving when I was hit by someone going 45. Unfortunately I was doing 65 going in the opposite direction

My cousin was rear ended on the freeway by someone doing about 65 while he was stopped in a traffic jam. He saw the guy coming and turned left and moved enough his car was bounced into the center medium instead of sandwiched between two cars. Cop said he probably saved he and his 4 passengers lives by doing that. He was in a 83 Mustang, the guy that hit him was driving a late 60's Buick. Pretty much the same deal with them, sore for about 6 weeks and lots of PT


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Wow, Guy, sorry to hear about this, but so glad you're ok! 65 miles an hour....what the heck happened?


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Bang Guy - you are a lucky guy I hope you went out and bought a lottery ticket, glad to here you are OK. Maybe the other guy was TWD


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That'll buff right out, don't you worry 'bout it.
Seriously. Glad to hear you're OK. Sounds like that could have been a lot worse on your end....


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Wow, Bang Guy! That's nuts! Glad you made it out ok. Let's be honest though, at your ripe old age, you shouldn't be driving anyway...
YearOf (Next stop, assisted living) TheNick
Just kidding!