Bangai sexes


How do you tell male from female in bangai fish? I have read the shape of the head differs but when i am at the fish shop I cant see a difference. If anyone has any tips or pictures I would be very appreciative.


you cant really.
While i proposed back in 96 &97 that you could identify male vs female based on jawlines, its a really tricky thing, and very subtle. After seeing 1000's of these fish, I'm still a full 50/50.
So I tell folk to get 5,young ones, place in a tank and watch for pairing to occur, then remove the odd men out.


I have a 20 gallon tank with just one fish now. I plan on removing the existing damsel. Do you think I could fit 5 bangai cardinals in a 20 gallon tall just untill I find a pair?
If you have a proven male, place an unknown and if they are both males they will start to fight almost immediately.

florida joe

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Bang guy in my opinion is the house pro on Banggai cardinal you may try pming him
From why I understand mature males have a more massive jaw structure and often longer dorsal fins. This may not be to reliable thought as fin loss may be the result of infighting between individuals