banner question


does anyone remember the name of the sight that used to advertise with a banner on this sight. not harbor aquatics, but the other one. If i remember corectly the baner was on the clasified add page but it is not there anymore. if i recal corectly they sold cured fiji live rock at $2lb. with the overnight shipping price at $24.

mr . salty

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I'm not sure I would trust Live rock@ $2.00 a lb. Maybe thats why they are not on this site any more. STEVE


Sammy, one reason and I think its a major reason is to save money. I recently bought a RIO 2100 online that saved me 30 bucks. I also bought my UV and skimmer online saving me another 100. As far as fear of hacking is concerned, a lot of it you can avoid if you are a little computer savy. There is a site called which, if you are a member of, will help you encrypt everything you send and receive over the internet. I use that to make purchases. You can also upgrade your browsers from standard to high encryption which costs nothing.


Staff member is an online retailer and none of us would be here, good online fish friends and hobbyst that we are, wo online commerce. And yes, I want to SAVE a buck or 2. Just be careful, keep your brouser up to date with encryption security, buy from reputable sources!


I agree with sammy I look forward to my trips to the lfs but,he's 40 miles away.
I have found the "package deals on inverts at this site are EXCELLENT, top picked stuff. I wish I could get some of that free freight on fish & corals just to try them out...make sure your credit card company will back you on unauthorized purchases online...mine gave me $0.00 responsibility, all you have to do is ask..


I agree with Beth. Most are online to save a few bucks. I've been using catalogs doing mail order for fish stuff years before the internet took off. I use to save at least 1/2 from the lfs even with the shipping. Even now, I still save at least 1/3 from the lfs in this area (Massachusetts). The fish prices at the superstores (*****) are very good but the quality is not a good as the smaller lfs. It's hit or miss. Rock prices are very expensive here. I would order online if it is worth it with shipping. Just got to shop wisely. I mailed ordered with someone on livestock once. I was very happy but now they merged...not so sure anymore.