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i just ran into a 2" one today.. wasnt too scared. it had a cool pattern like brown stripes, so i threw a dead crab and it sinked down to the bottom and when right infront of it. it was in an indent in the rock ( pretty big indent ) and i was in the front, so when the crab fell to the bottom it scurried away right underneath me i was so freaked out


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You guys are so lucky, living in florida, califronia and watnot. LUCKY LUCKY!! ARG!!
Can we trade families for a week? Seriously, Connecticut is a FUN place to visit. I mean, Lond Island Sound has a water visiblity of up to 10 feet, and it rains a lot, plus there arent any places for kids to hang out. It AWESOME!! You outta try it.


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Originally posted by Irenicus
A little off topic, we want to go to mexico somewhere... where would be a nice scuba diving / resort type place to go? Any suggestions?

for price, friendliness and diving of all types, you really should check out cozumel. great diving and snorkeling, right off shore!!
and it is inexpensive compared to many other places.