Before and After FTS comparisons!


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I thought this would be a fun thread to compare a FTS picture of your tank when you first started and where it's at now.
Please share your before and after pics! Try to keep it to two pics, 1.) start up and 2.) present state.
I'll start!
November 2nd, 2008

February 13th, 2009


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A few months after I started: Feb 2006

And now: Feb 2009

I actually found a picture of my tank at it's best. Just before it crashed. I never could get my self to replace the corals I'd lost. it was so heart breaking.


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Transferring from 75 to 150 in Mar 06.

set up in Mar 06

here it is in July 08, but it has moved and changed a lot since.


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looking good Nissan, how is the xenia doing against the hammer? they stinging each other?