Best Anemone for hosting that stays small??


i only have a 20 gallon and would like some suggestions on anemones that host clowns and stay small....something colorful too


I would recommend a sebae anemone and a pair of false percs, sebae's may get to a size where you can just take it back and get another one but they may not, they are good hosts though
I suggest a Hairy Mushroom, not all of them are super colorfull but MUCH easier to keep than Anemones and will stay pretty small. Here is my Hairy and Clown pair.
:) NewBe


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i would pass on an anemone in a 20..they get big fast, and if you plan on doing a reef they cna up and move one day and stign the crap outta everythign!
good luck


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i would have to agree with jon.
20 gallons with an anemone you are asking for trouble
that hairy mushroom looks like a great idea, give it a try. what a neat pic newbe!