Best clownfish?


My husband and I are starting up a 45 gallon FOWLR - eventually to be a reef. We're at the end of the tank cycle and hopefully by next weekend we'll be ready for our first inhabitant: our clownfish! We have about 55 lbs of rock and plan on having in addition to a single or pair of clowns - 2 firefish gobies - what are the best clowns to get? What exactly are the difference in clownfish? Sorry if this is a dumb question...


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Any choice is good. Pic the one you like the best. However, if you are going to get 2, then be sure that they are a mated pair. Otherwise, you they may be agressive with each other. Also, don't mix species. Meaning, stick to the same species of clown.


I like rare clowns....two of my favorites right now are my a. chystoperus and my a. akindynos. But its hard to pick a REAL favorite...