Best fish combination for a 29 Gallon Reef Tank?


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I have,

1 black&white clown
1 fiji devil blue damsel
1 long-fin fairy wrasse

Past atrocities and unknown murders:
-Fairy wrasse killed a canary blenny.
-Blue Damsel killed 2 lawnmower blennies and a canary wrasse
-2 cleaner shrimps were killed. I don't know the murderer.

I am basically sick of the aggression of the damsel and the fairy wrasse to any new comers and towards each other.

I would like to put together a colorful, peaceful , lively and reef-safe fish combination for a 29 gallon tank.

What would be your recommendations?


I have a 29g biocube with stock lights, 35lbs liverock, cpr refugium and a uv sterilizer.
The refugium is filled with cheato and mangroves. The cheato is so dense that it serves as a natural filter.
I did not have a water change since the middle of the summer. I only add water to the tank and occasionally scrape the corals growing on the glass.
Water Condition:
KH:7,PH:8.6,Ca:400,PO4:0, Salinity:1.025, NH3:0, NO2:0, NO3:0
Typical Temperature: 75F

Green Zoanthids
Purple Ricordia Mushrooms
Toadstool leather
Pulsing Xenia
2 more beginner corals


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Re home the two problem fish.

look at maybe a shrimp goby
orchid dotty back
cardinal fish.
you are limited to 5-6 small (adult size) fish in a 29.