Best LFS in Los Angeles?


Another vote for Mark's Tropical Fish. Google for Mark's Tropical Fish Studio City to find the website. Get on their mailing list. It will get you some decent (yet infrequent) discounts.Underwater Depot is ok but expensive. Small shop. Clean displays.
Down the street is Aquarium Center
in Sherman Oaks. Big shop also deals with reptiles. All their displays are real clean. I like this place.
Aquarium City
in Reseda is ok. They have a website, too. My first experience with them made me hate them (I started calling them Aquarium Shitty). I refused to go in until recently... My experiences since then have been much much better. Mustve been a bad day. I think they are a-ok now.
The Big Fish
in Chatsworth has a good selection. Huge warehouse style shop. LR is expensive.
...and finally
If you dont mind driving, theres an old family-run shop called Tats Tropical Illusions
in Thousand Oaks that just relocated/remodeled/upgraded its shop. The new store is real nice. Tons of everything, fish (fw and sw), coral drygoods and equipment. A very nice shop.
Hope this helps.


There is a brand new Jeff's in Costa Mesa. People there are awesome. The fish selection is okay (sometimes they have really nice fish at a bargain price). They have lots of great corals.
The Aquarium in Culver City is also a great store. My friend lives up there and gets majority of his live stock from them.


Mark's Fish Store is by far the cleanest LFS in the L.A. area. Their tanks are always spotless and fish are always healthy. Aquarium City has large coral selection. But there sales guys are kind of shady and cocky sometimes. Always trying to push [very pushy] you to buy something else because you "really" need it. I stop going there. If you ever find yourself on the 101 HWY, Tat's Tropical Illusion is an awesome LFS. The staff are always helpful and are always honest with you. Their LR and fish are pretty well priced. They will give you a good deal whenever possible. You should chekc out their 600gallon reef tank. It's awesome. That's what got me into this hobby. Good luck.