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I am about to buy a new skimmer. I am looking for the best skimmer out there. Im looking for a skimmer with little adjusting and hangs over into the sump. Anyone know what the best skimmer out there is (by experience)? I have a 110 gallon.


I have had great luck with the coralife super skimmer. They are big but for he money I have been satisfied.


IMHO, the Coralife Super Skimmer is a great starter skimmer. I had one for a year and upgraded when I came across a slightly used ASM G3. Much happier now.
Now is a great time to find used reef equipment. Sadly because of the economy, so many people are taking down their tanks and selling off their stuff.
I'd look for a slightly used Reef Octopus, ASM, EuroReef, Aqua C or Precision Marine.
Or sell your car and get a Deltec or Bubble King.


There is no such thing as the "best skimmer". The rule of thumb is to get the best within your budget . dont cut corners on a skimmer because you'll end buying another one in the long run. I agree with NPage. I would go for one of the skimmers he mentioned above. I personally like the New Octopus pro series. These are middle tier($400 - $600) skimmers that do a great job. I would stay away from lower end skimmers under $300(no offense to the folks with coralife skimmers). Like they say , "you get what you paid for"!


+1 on the ASM G3. Big fan here. Great skimming and no adjusting necessary after initial set-up.


I have been very happy and impressed with my C-Skim 1200. Brand new design, and works phenomenally.


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I went to the LFS the other day and they had a new model by Advanced Plastics that they were raving about. Its for up to 500 gallon tanks, and he had it in a 250 display tank. He opened the cup and showed me the pickings from just overnight...a green film all the way around, very nice. The skimmer is $300 and is made by a local seattle based company, is designed for in or out of the sump. and has a wet/dry pump included. I'm getting one next week. If you can wait a little while Ill post it up for everyone to see.


In the mid tier of skimmers I'd personally go with a euro-reef. However for less money you can go with a ASM, which is a euro-reef knock off.


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I have a WM Research skimmer...Rated for 150g tank. paid about 450 for it. Thing is awesome... Lifetime impeller warranty, short break in time.


i have the coralife super skimmer 65 on my 75g tank and i love it always have crap being pulled and i have a fairly small bioload IMO great for the price


I am in the market for a new skimmer and have been doing a wide range of research. I'd suggest you check out:
turboflotor-have not seen any bad reviews about it. A few people I talked too said they liked it better than the octopus nw150.
I was looking at the octopus nw 150, seems to be popular.
A new one thats been getting good reviews is bubble magus.
These seem to be great skimmers under 200, im not trying to pay an arm and leg just for a skimmer.