Best tank size for Engineer Goby?


Okay well I took down my 56, I'm just not ready to be lugging 20 gallons a week from walmart (I dont have money for an RO) and I dont have money for a bunch of other stuff that would make life easier to deal with... that said I put my 5 gallon QT back into "full duty" and the yellow tail blue damsel is fine, the corals, hermits and snails are fine, but my engineer goby is 3" long and less comfortable than I'd like him to be, let alone the fact they get a foot long (maybe 9-10 inches mostly).
So, can you guys (hopefully someone has this fish, im sure someone has it) tell me what size tank you'd have one in minimally? I'd really like my next tank to be a biocube just because its easier, but if thats too small I can go probably as large as a 3 foot tank. If that's STILL too small im sure the LFS or the local reef club will find him a home. I dont like having fish too big for my setup, its not their fault :)


i dont knwo for sure but i always thought they needed 50+ and a deep substrate. at his size you may be able to get away with a 24 for a while but id say the 5 is waaaay too small

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I have a Engineer Goby. When I first got him, he was 2 inches or so, he used to be in a 28 gallon biocube and he grew to 6 inches very fast! In about half a year. He was making a MESS out of the 28 gallon, there were hills of sand everywhere, he killed several corals that were on the sand bed(he covered them with sand) so I fished him out and put him in my 180 gallon. So far so good, he doesn't make too big of a mess anymore in the 180 gallon. Engineer Gobies get 12+ inches long BTW.


mine was 14" in my 90 until he jumped out 2 weeks ago. If you are going to keep an engineer make sure you use egg crate on the bottom of the tank so your base rock can fit into it and not slip around. make sure and build a really strong structure and fill in the sand after you have the base rock set so they can't knock it over. Also, since they are jumper you will want to put some sort of cover over the tank to prevent jumping out.