Best Tank Size for this list?


If you would be so kind as to offer up the best tank size for the following stocking list. I have decided on these guys, and do not care to add any to this, as this is my ideal fish list for a Reef tank in the works.
1. Tank-raised Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish
2. Six line wrasse
3. Yellow Watchman Goby
4. 2 Green Reef Chromis
5. (Possibly a Lawnmover or Sailfin Algae Blenny) That decision rests on another thread posted about having a LMB and a fuge too.
Again, thank you for taking the time to help me work towards a solution for a proper tank size for the fishes lives.


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I agree with grog the maroon clown will get 6 inches and needs room. Though a 75 is same length as 55 so either one would work.


Well, I like the size/total cost of the 55 gallon, but again, the overall health and happiness of the fish is important. Hmmm. 55 or 75 . . . .


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Buy the largest tank your wallet and room dimensions will allow.
i agree 102% with that.


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i agree 102% with that.
I was quoted that same line 2 weeks ago....I was deciding between 38g and 55g. 55 here we come! MWAHAHA!!! :jumping: :happy: Plus, spending mucho dinero on a hobby like this makes ya appreciate your job, atleast I think about working harder to get cooler stuff for my new tank.