Best thing to feed a V Lion Fish?


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Originally posted by robandmel
What is the best thing to feed this fish?

VARIETY and vitamins...


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NOOOOOOOOOOO. No live fish, ESPECIALLY not gold fish. They are terrible for your fish, bad for the liver. It will be tough, but you have to get yer fish eating frozen stuff. Prawn, Silversides and krill are the best. I tried Krill though, and mine wouldn't eat it. Matter of preference really. Silversides worked great for me cuz you can wiggle em by the tail to make em look alive, and they are good for em as well. Look at the LFS, there should be packages of frozen food with a nice pic of a volitan on it. Thats usually a good sign, lol. ;) Good luck though. They are tough to get started, but wen they start eating frozen, yer set.


Originally Posted by Debbie G
Mine liked prawns.

Dumb Question. What is prawns? How good are they for him?

debbie g

They're sort of like shrimp. I marinated them in vitamins before I gave them to my lion, so that helps the nutrional value of them too.
Debbie G


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Prawns are good for lions. It's just another thing to vary from between krill, squidd, silversides, etc. However, the use of vitamins (Zoe, Selcon, etc.) are always good as well!