Beth please help with my battle!


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Don't green spots eat pretty much anything in the tank with them? The last time I had gsp's they even ate an oscar which was 10x bigger than they were like sharks on a whale
the only thing they'll eat is hermits. they don't bug any fish or coral. they chew on the rocks though lol


I used to keep mine in brackish. They would eat anything that hit the tank. Fish, Snails, pellets. Anything in fact I once watched one bite the head clean off a goldfish in one bite.


i imagine they could if they wanted to because they can hold of a 6" trigger with no problems haha
OK here comes the dilemma
my clownfish is at 100% now. and my PBT has only a few spots of ick right now(less than the pic). the pinktail is about 95% recovered from the gunk thats on it.
do i wait till i get my upgrade to do the hypo treatment? and let the rock sit for the 8 weeks in the upgraded tank?
or just do it now and spend money that could go into the new set up? it should be running at the end of feb. if i choose to do it this way?