Beth & Terry: 3rd try- still no good


Dear Beth and Terry,
This is my third try with a pair of false percs. The first two died of Brookynella. The first one I was clueless as to what was going on. The second pair I found out that formalin is the best way to cure this disease. Well I went to three different LFS and none of them have formalin. I did setup a hospital tank, in a rubbermaid, well aerated, with a heater. But it ended up killing my fish. Well my mistake was not changing the water everyday to keep it from cycling. I used Melafix in the HT.
OK, Beth, I have read your post on HT/QT. Unfortunately I don't have the time to attend the hospital tank everyday. With work, classes and everything, just no way. I even posted an add wheter someone is willing to help me out with their HT/QT tank.
Anyway, what is it that I can do with this fish. Here's a little health history...
I bought two baby tank raised perculas. Both were eating and swimming in the LFS. I saw them eating. I brought them home, and after about half an hour drip, I put them in. They went all the way to the bottom. I tried to feed them but they didn't eat. Finally got a brine shrimp and after two days one ate. One eats more than the other. Following the recommendation of others, I added garlic to increase the appetite of the fish. The other started eating, the other one who ate before, stopped eating. The same thing is still going on today.
The one that eats now has bumps on its cheeck. Might be a sign of Brookynella, but it eats. It has white spots, but they don't look like ich, more like being abused. Both fish still swim normally, but the other one still doesn't eat. It's been almost a week now.
What do I do? Help! I really don't want to lose another pair.


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10 lbs LR, 3" DSB, Ricordia Mushrooms (Actinodiscus ricordia), Red Mushrooms (Discosoma sp.), Assorted Button Polyps (Palythoa sp.), Sea Mat (Zoanthus sp.), Green Star Polyps (Clavularia viridis), Finger Leather Coral (Lobophytum sp.), Candy Cane Coral (Caulestrea furcata), Yellow Gorgonian (Gorgonian sp.), 10 Cerith Snail (Cerithium sp.), 10 Hermit Crabs.
This is a large load for a 10 gal addition to your fish. Honestly, I just don't see how you can maintain anything, except the hardyest of damsels, in this set up. And because of the size, you could probably only put 1 damsel in there, because more than 1 would result in WW3.
I would try and set up at least a 30 gal using what you have in your 10 gal. Then, use the 10 gal for a QT. That way, you waste nothing. A 10 gal tank is going to be high maintenance, anyways, and you say you're short on time. Don't underestimate the need for space for fish.


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Just FYI, you cannot buy formalin in the state of CA. I had to go to Neveda to get it.