Bettachris's BC29


Well let me start by saying hi, ive been around alot but didnt activate my account for some reason...
Anyway a little intro. I have been freshwater fishkeeping for 14 years and saltwater just about 1.5 years. And this was my first reef tank.
Im currently a freshman at the university of tampa so this is my BC29 back home in NY . Im actually get a BC14 next weekend. only allowed to have a 10 gallon.

Anyway this is my BC29... It is byfar overstocked but that will be corrected when the yellow and sargent major are large enough to go into the 150G.
... Ok i cant upload for some reason. Well u can see it in my photobucket account. i love the LPS corals and currently the tank looks alittle different bc these are older photos.


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Welcome to the boards! I like your aquascape! You are going to get the tang police on yah now....hahaha! Good you know that you are overstocked. A Sg. Major and yellow tang require MUCH bigger tanks than a 29g. Good job though and again, welcome!


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Welcome to SWF and here are two pics of your tank. Just copy the bottom code in the table under the picture and paste it into your reply. The IMG code.



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Tank looks nice, of course you know about the fish already. Do you have any kind of mods to your tank? I really like the aquascape
I know you said when the two fish are large enough they will go in your 150, but what is in there that they can't go right in now?


yea. the problem is i went away to college so 3/4 saltwater tanks had to go. so basically it was a conversion of 3 tanks.
My larger tank is a 150G that is in development in my parents orlando house. So he will be going into there.
other than that thanks for the comments. i love designing aquariums not only for beauty but the practicality so the filteration is 100% though the tank. no dead spots.
Um no mods. well if you count the removal of bioballs for LR and cheato.