bicolor blenny


I bought one of these guys in the mail today and did not use drip to acclimate him. A friend told me to just let him sit in the bag and pour half the water out of the bag and replace the water with tank water. I acclimated him for an hour and did one "water change" Do you think this is enough for him to live? He has taken to the rocks and his hiding inside a rock now.


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You should be just fine. Keep the lights out for the rest of the evening and tomorrow you'll notice him moving around a bit more. it's a new environment for him so he may be a bit jumpy. He'll be fine.


He'll survive, but he is probably pretty stressed out. Next time make sure to drip acclimate, it will be a lot less stressful.


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it shouldnt be a problem. most of the time with hardier fishes, i just float the bag for 20 minutes.


I remove half the water from the bag. I then add 1 cup of tank water every five minutes until the bag is full. Sometimes I repeat the process if it's a small bag or a fragile fish. I've never lost a fish due to acclimation.