Bio Bag dog bags


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sounds like a good idea 2me.... if u have or live near a compost heap. obviously this is not a viable option 4 every1.


nah just save your grocery bags. if your gonna spend anything on dog poop collectors get somthing that you dont have to get too close to the poop with.
btw i am glad you guys pick up your dog doo because some people dont and its everywhere :help: the madness


petie i think your missing the point i was trying to make that these bags are not just to pick up my dogs poop. Do you know how many fish turtles sharks and whatever other inverts are killed by plastic every day? it is sick to see bags floating on the water when i am out fishing. Its not just about how much they cost or how good they are. we need to be more concerned about our anviornment. Its scary to think what earth will be like in 50 years. i know i go a little carried away but all the little things add up. thanks for your responses everyone, i guess i will have to try them for myself. :happyfish