bioball cleaning

keith gray

I have had a tank for about 4 or 5 years. It has a wet/dry system with bioballs. I chnage filters, etc thru the years but was told when I bought it that you would never have to chamge or clean bioballs. I heard somewheret that you should clean the bioballs periodically. I do not want to clear off any helpful bacteria. SHould I clean them or not? If so, how ?


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Yes you should clean them of accumulated detritus. To do this, do a water changd and save the water you take out of the display. Take 1/3 of the bioballs and swish them around in the saved water. Do not scrub them with anything, just get the gunk of them that comes off with the swishing. At the next water change do the same thing with a different 1/3 of the bio balls. Continue this on and on.