Biocube 14 suggestions


Hello all. It has been a long time since I have been on this site. i have had a few saltwater tanks in the past and after being without one for a while I decided to get back into the hobby. I am looking for a nano tank and was going to go with a 24 gallon aquapod but I was in my local pet store the other day and saw that they have a brand new in box 14 gallon Biocube on clearance for $120. Before I pull the trigger on this I was wondering if anyone had any input as to how hard this tank will be to keep and maintain being it is only 14 gallons. Any input is greatly appreciated. Like I said before I have had a few tanks in the past my largest being a 65 gallon and I am used to the additional maintenance vs a freshwater setup.


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The 24g Aquapod has been discountinued.
anyways welcome back! And a 14 Biocube should be fairly easy. It comes with just about everything you need. Zoas, ricordia, and small softies always look cool in them.
I've had a great experience with my 14 biocube. All in one setup is really nice and the lighting is above average, I'd say, but like BTL, is great for some easier corals. Good luck!


I would recommend the BioCube, especially at that price, it is a great tank. You can always do a few mods as well. I added a 70w MH SunPod and built a fuge in the second filter compartment. As long as you keep up on water changes you should have no problems!


Not exactly the same, but I have a 12 g nano cube that I set up with a different light and some softies. Other than my horses it's my favorite tank and not hard to maintain. I say go for the 14!