Black and White Percula Babies 4 sale or Trade


Tell me about it.I'm in Pensacola,just far enough not to drive and short enough prioity would be,my luck.Still look like some nice fish,make a great addition to anyones tank.


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Thanks for helping me feel like a jerk!
I must be getting old!

LOL, you don't have to be old to get help in feeling like a jerk.

Most people are more than willing to help in that area.

Anyways kidding aside, I was trying to get some of these back when he posted them, but never got a reply. I'm not sure that anyone ever got a reply on them.


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This is qwiksilver360 i had to use a differnet screenname to post mine is messed up and wont allow me to post
I still do have plenty available and if anyone is interested please email me directly at
I have some of these beauties, they have been with me about 9months now and I adore them!!!!!
They are big and beautiful just like the pics of their parents!!!!! Nice job raising these lil guys!!!


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How far from cape coral are you. I would love one. I have a single young female and would like to get her a mate.


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Yah, but if you read about three posts up, quicksilver replyed on july 3rd that he still has clowns.