Blonde Naso Tang vs Naso Tang

salt newbee

Blonde Naso Tang vs Naso Tang are there really any differences?
I guess I am wondering about their hardiness, size, and algae eating abilities.
Are there special requirements that one needs over the other?


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Prefer the regular Naso, IMO. On the blondes you can see every little nick/roughed up scale and the darker regular seems to hide it better.


same species, Naso lituratus. it's just a color morph, like a black and white occelaris clown.


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Originally Posted by kjr_trig
No difference...Blonde Nasos typically command a higher price...Imagine that.
Blonds are more expensive? Fancy that!

pastor b.

Dear hobbyist , I've owned both the Blonde and the Naso Tangs. And in my opinion ,the Blonde naso is more colorful . The only visible difference between the two is, the dorsal fin on top of the back, and a touch of yellow orange on the stomach . Other than that , there's not much of a difference .

salt newbee

Thank you all for your help.
Here is some background, SWF ran out of Blonds after I placed my order so now I am trying to have them just change to Naso Tang.
Now if I could only get to reply to my emails to customer service I would be doing great.
Is is normal for them not to reply for a few days?