Blue Face Angel suddenly scared of his own shadow


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My Blue Face suddenly runs for his life every time he sees me. But more troubling is, when I put food in the tank he dives into the rocks and hides. He comes out when it's just about all gone and picks at whatever he can find. He's eating, he'll eat pellets floating at the top of the tank, but each day he comes out for less and less. Mysis shrimp gives him the willies, and now the morning chunk of frozen LRS that he used to attack along with the other fish also scares him.

What would cause this sudden change of habit? He really loves the new aquascape, he's constantly swimming in and out of every nook and cranny he can find. Just before he started this behavior he had actually gotten to the point where my presence in the room didn't bother him in the least.

He's my pride and joy and I'd hate for him to die on me, especially after surviving my original Queen Angel from Hell.

Any ideas? Advice?


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It sounds to me like another fish has matured enough to become aggressive, and feeding time is when the battle begins. What else is in the tank with it?


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No. There is no aggression in the tank at all. The Golden Butterfly is a beast at feeding time but always has been, and the Blue Face never shied away from the LRS food battle (when I thrown in a frozen chunk and they all go nuts, even my Flame Angel and Firefish).

This was shot just before he started getting weird (he otherwise acts perfectly normally when there's no food in the tank and he doesn't see me)