Blue leg Hermit crabs

In trying to plan for my new tank set up, I am looking into various clean-up crew packages. Most have lots of blue leg hermit crabs. Someone on another thread gave the impression that these were bad. Are they? How? What instead?
I am considering 'The Package' from Tampa Bay Saltwater. It is for new set-ups and includes all of the live rock, live sand, and cleaner critters at a low price if you buy them all from them. They include the blue leg crabs, -no substitutions. Has anyone ordered this? Advice on where to start or look?
Here is the link for 'The Package' deal.
Well in my opioni think there good because they eat alerg and debrie, and they never harmed my inverts but i mean some have different personalitys so depends.


I've had a lot of trouble with blue legs killing my scarlets, so am thinking maybe you might get either blue legs or scarlets but not both. I think a lot of snails would be good, I think they do a lot more cleaning than the crabs, but the crabs will get down on the sand and the snails don't. ( as far as turbos and astreas)
I'm sure a lot of others haven't had any problems with both ??
divedog :)


I have both scarlets and blue legs...I think the scarlet are better looking, but the blue legs have the personality. The blue legs do a good job on the algae and pick up the odd bit of left over food. The only problem I have had with them is that the larger blue legs, about the size of an acorn, will sometimes eat the smaller ones. Other than that bit of horrifying cannabalism, they are an important part of any reef tank.