Blue LPS


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Does anyone have a LPS coral that is blue? i want to add some blue to my tank and i'm trying to decide which type of LPS is most commonly found in a nice blue color so i can ask my LFS to try and get one.


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not sure if there are any LPS that are vibrant blue, but if you just want a splash of blue in the tank, blue shrooms look great and are very bright.


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Softies don't do very well in my tank. When i started out i had some zoos and shrooms but as i added LPS corals the softies died off slowly. My purple shrooms prevailed until not to long ago on the great battle of cinco de mayo. In a single day almost all of the shrooms evaporated for no reason. The only corals that do well in my tank now are LPS. And since LPS are my favorites, i decided my tank is gonna be an all LPS tank now. The only LPS that i know comes in blue is acans, but my LFS only gets in brown acans so i'm seeing if there are any other blue LPS.


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I've seen pale blue candies before, but as far as something that is pure blue and will really pop, nothing comes to mind.


have u tried a clam? like the blueish purple maximas? i think it is or is it crocea (sp?)


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There are Goniopora species that come in bright blue, but are a poor choice for most. Acanthastrea, favia, caulestrea, and even some of the brain corals (like scolymia, lobopyllia, trachuphyllia) can come in a blue or blue/green color. I'm sure there are a few more I'm not thinking of.


There are blue candy canes. Some claim to be blue while some really are!