Blue Mushroom??!!!

Bought a couple pounds of lr at lfs today. The piece had a little mushroom about the size of a quater. I told lfs that my tank only had 25w phlorecent bulb for lighting. It is a 20 gallon hex, I was planning for it to be a FOWLR. Tank now has about 15 lbs liverock, penquin 110 filter and a small powerhead. No ls, just argomite, about 5 inches. I am worried about lighting, if I rig up another strip for blue light, do such "hardy" corals have a chance. What else could I do to make this little guy happy? Put him close to light? Add more current. From the little bit of research I have done(Flenner), it sounds like he might be OK and multiply?


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Mushrooms do not require much light at all. I think your light might be OK if you put him about half way up in the tank. The will split and grow pretty fast. I would do something about that substrate before I kept adding stuff to the tank if I were you. That is a small tank so it would not take much LS to make a sand bed. Youll wish you had..
Good Luck!