??? Blue spotted jawfish


I had one for 3 days and he made it out of the tank during the night. Really enjoyed watching him burrow and eat. I am in the process of making the tank secure. He had very little space to make it out but he found it. Has anyone seen how high they can jump?? I can secure area where he got out around 9" above water line. I would like to get another but don't want to lose it or be the cause of losing it. I have a spacelight therefore no glass cover. If I put my glass cover on my temp will skyrocket. He was my first loss and hope my only one. I have a 54gal corner unit and have a decorative top that covers 90% of the tank opening.
sorry to hear about the jawfish. They are great fish and around here it has been hard to find them lately. I have heard of people using cellofane over their tank, and changing it each week, sounds like a good idea to me?!


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You could also use that crate like material that are ceiling tiles for drop ceilings. You get the one that looks like egg crates and cut it to fit - that way you still have a cover but it is harder for a fish to jump out