Bow front or corner??

UPGRADE!!! Maybe?
I am looking at new tanks either a bow front or a corner tank.
Any pros and cons? Your thoughts are appreciated.
Space is a concern, so I am looking at a 72 gal bow front or a 54 or 94 gal Corner. I know the dimensions of them, but it is still hard to judge, and 4' might be pushing it.
Looking for ideas. After weeks of hinting about it, my wife says to me last night, "Maybe we should get a new (bigger) tank?"!! And the search is on...I love that woman!
Thanks all.........MCF
ya I too think lighting would be harder on a corner tank...
Any pics of setups would also be greatly appreciated all!!

richard rendos

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I have the 54 corner tank...easy to light...1 400watt MH in a pendant. That's it. I wish I had bought the 92 gallon corner bow, though. I filled up the 54 too fast.


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aga 65 makes a nice tank cause its 3 feet long by 18 inches deep by 24 tall! i just moved into this one from my 20 and love teh room i have for aquasaping.....although oceanic has a 140thats only 4ft long by 2 ft wide by 28" deep, which would make a killer tank!
good luck
I personally love the look of corner tanks, but I have heard from people who own them that excellent water circulation can be difficult to achieve. It takes some serious dedication and lots of powerheads. Go with the 94 corner if you go corner!
Or bigger!


I'm just building the cabinet and hood for my new 92 gallon corner. Lighting is a 400 watt, 20000k Metal Halide. There seems to be a lot more room in these corner tanks to aquascape to your wishes. Don't know for sure yet, but I think I'm really gonna like this tank.

sal t. nutz

Is this going to be a Reef tank or Fish? If it's for Fish, I would get the Bowfront, if it's Reef, I would go corner.


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PErsonally I like the looks of bowfront tanks much better than any other type of tank - except this entirely round tank ..... if I had a spot for it I would buy it in a second .... very very cool - but no "perfect" location!!
I'd vote bow front
Thank you all for the responses. I will probably go with the 72 bow front unless I can't fit it in my "allowable" space. Then It might be the 94 corner.
It is a 'light' reef tank...for lack of a better phrase....I plan to add some more low-moderate light corals, currently just have green star polyps, but I will also keep the fish and inverts I have now and maybe add a few. I would really like to add some softies and maybe some LPS but will need to work on the lights a little before that. I have 2 -55watt PC and a couple of NOs, but would like to add a 175watt MH on the new tank. No SPS till I get my in-wall 180-220 gal in my new house.
Thanks for the input...............MCF


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hey MCf, the 65 comes either reef ready or not, depending on what you prefer...i personally went reef ready so that i have my fuge plumbed down below!
good luck choosing!


Adding another vote for the bow front:) Corner tanks are nice, but personally, I'm much too 'curious', not to be able to see the tank from every angle;)
I know this is a fairly old post but I was wondering if Foulbrew ever got that hood built for the corner tank.
Also how can I achieve good circulation in my 92gallon corner tank.