BP's nano reef


Here is my tank I still got a lot of work to do on it!
2 65 watt PC 1 Atanic 1 10,000K
Magnum H.O.T filter for carbon
Red Sea Prizm skimmer
Power sweep
200 watt heater
blue candy cane
many zoos and mushrooms
3 BTA(they keep spliting)
Green open Brain coral
Cup coral
Tomato Clownfish
Mated Pair of Banggai Cardnilfish

sea cucumber
brittle starfish
various snails and hermit crabs
I am not done but tell me what you think so far.:happy:


I think the tank looks great. that rtba is awesome. to improve your tank i'd say just wait and find the rare corals. some cool looking shrooms, rics, or maybe a really cool acros.


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Nice looking tank. My first salt tank was a 29 gallon, nice size. No acro's under the PC's though.


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Awsome tank!
The only thing I see wrong with it is the RBTA looks REALLY bleached. You should try moving it up to the top of the rock pile. It needs more light to regain its zooxanthellae (sp?).


Here are probably several things that you might want to consider..
1. Take a good care of your anemones. Make sure you feed them regularly with silversides or other meaty nutritious food.
Another thing that you can do is you might want to start dosing your tank with DT phytoplankton. That stuff is GREAT. If you do those things soon enough the RBTA and the BTA will regain its natural color. Keep in mind it's not an overnight process.
2. Possibly improving your lighting which will give you more options as far as corals to put into your tank. I know this can be very costly but with three anemones, you might want to consider that. And you said you want some acros, you definitely have to get MH.
3. Try to feed your candycane/trumpet coral. They normally open up, i.e. they extend their tentacles to get food, at night after the lights go off. In the beginning they might open up just a little but after awhile they will get used to it and open up regularly. I fed mine vitamin-thawed brine shrimp. I'll show you the before and after pic...
Here's when I first got it...


Here's after I started feeding it. It has split several times and the way they open up... Here's the "RBTA" of my tank... (This is after 2 years in my tank)