Brackish Mollies for GHA?


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I always thought seeing mollies in SW tanks just looked plain dumb, but I'm wondering if I should second guess it. I overheard someone at the LFS talking about them being great GHA eaters, but as everyone knows most people in LFSs have no clue what they're talking about. So, just curious, what are everyone here's views on that?


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Yea, from what I've seen they do consume HA fairly well.
They are two distinct problems with mollies in the typical aquarium.
1.) Mollies give live birth to pretty capable offspring. If you don't have some type of basic predatory fish, a trigger, larger basslet, etc that might eat the young, you potentially could have an outbreak of mollies. 3 turns into 20, very quickly.
2.) Flow. Like most freshwater/brackish fish, they are far from a decent swimmer. Even a modest reef probably has too much flow, and one morning you'll find a molly suck to one of your powerheads....
I agree with ya on the seeing mollies in sw tanks. Just weird/out of place.


+1 on all of them.
I have two mollies in my tank and its pretty lame. want them out already. all they do is sit there and beg for food. And peck the s### out of my LR. They dont belong and there comin out as soon as I get the time to acclimate them back to BW.
i Shoulda listened to the advice givin.