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Hi! I have been breeding freshwater fish for some time now and I want to switch three of my 15 gallon tanks to saltwater. I don’t know the equipment I need, I know that a sump system is the best way but I cannot afford one at this time. I would like if someone told me what I need to get my breeding tanks cycling?


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Ah ok I know nothing about breeding lol but to cycle the tank try ghost feeding the tanks.

Kiz McLeod

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warning saltwater is very expensive if you can't afford a sump you'll probably have trouble with the multiple test kits or continuous new salt. the fish themselves are expensive and 15 gallons will limit what you can keep. There are people who do clowns in 20 gallons I'm sure if you look around someone may have done 15 gallons.

bang guy

Have you decide which saltwater fish you wish to breed? That will make a lot of difference in equipment.