Bristleworms and Wrasse


I have a 40g reef tank which I have just learned has a pretty bad bristleworm problem, I have a 6 lined wrasse to try and control them, but even when I catch the worms and place them on a plastic surface (so they won't burrow) in front of the wrasse during feeding hours/ all day, the wrasse just stares at them and leaves, so is there any way to make the worms more appetizing?


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why are the bristle worms a problem? most are bnenificial. if your tank is overrun with them, then there is too much available food. their population is limited by the amount of food present. and most wrasses tend to puick off baby worms only, leaving the bigger spined adults alone.


their problematic cause they are chocking off all the other little benifical creatures by like you said, eating everything. But if the worms are benifical is there any way to at least regulate population?


bristle worms.. When I first got into reef tanks in the early 90s it seems bristle worms was another word for the devil. But I have NEVER EVER seen a bristle worms attack anything. The reason they get such a bad name is if something dies in your tank they will be all over it and that makes people think the worms are what killed the creature but they are just working as one of the best clean up crew members a tank can have.