brittle star babies??


ok, as I was getting ready to move my 29 gallon to my 75 gallon, I notices a few tiny little brittle star looking critters on my LR. They are all white and no bigger than my thumb nail. Heres the kicker, I've had all the LR for about 6 years, and haven't had a brittle star in the tank for about a year and half(closer to two years), and haven't added anything to the tank in about 8 months. Any idea 1 if they are baby brittles and 2, how did they get here?? Thanks


i can almost assure you they are babies.And if you have alot of live rock you might not even notice them for years.Sometimes they show themselves and soemtimes they dont.Do they have a main disk with arms coming off of it?


they are not baby brittle star. its a mini brittle star. i heard they won't get any bigger than an inch. they are cool.