Broken heater


My heater doesn't look safe because it is full of yellow stuff I am almost positive its broken but just making sure before I toss it.
sorry just a crappy webcam picture


mr. limpid

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if this is on the inside your seal is broken. I wouldn't use it you cause electrical shock to yourself, plus over long term damaged to your fish. Better safe then sorry.


About 10 years ago my father had a trigger push a rock into a heater and it actually cracked. The heater must have shorted or something and caused the water to heat up so fast it killed off all the fish in the tank.
Moral: Use a GFI and be careful with heaters =). Pitch the sucker =P


Definetely look at getting a titanium heater for the next one. They are virtually indestructable if you get a good one. I switched about 2 years ago and it is just nice crossing that off my list of things to worry about. They more expensive and typically you have to buy a separate controller if you can't just plug it into your chiller like I have mine, but totally worth it.