Brown sugar in tank


I just read an article that suggested using brown sugar or unprocessed honey monthly to prevent cyan. Anyone heard of this or tried it?


I wouldn't put anything in MY tank that wouldn't be found in the ocean. Unless it's a couple of drops of a supplement from a brightly colored plastic bottle, or processed fish food, even that's kept to a minimum.


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This is what Fenner says on his web site........
"" This "trick" involves "over-driving nitrification" temporarily by providing a ready (and safe) source of carbon... in the form of a monocyclic/simple sugar. The best is Glucose (though lactose, galactose, fructose... others might be used). A small solution of about a gram per fifty gallons (doesn't take much) is made in some freshwater and this added to the system toward the evening/dark time... once a week for about three times. Takes a few days to weeks to show effect, but generally useful. Bob Fenner......""


I'm in favor of home remedies rather than chemicals. Let us know if you decide to do it and it works.