Bubble Algae update


I posted a couple of weeks ago about what was diagnosed as Bubble Algae. The consensus was to get a couple of Emerald Crabs to eat them. Did it. Emerald Crabs were a good addition to the tank but they are not eating the BA. I thought I could pop them but they are hard as a rock and float around if I disturb them. They range in size of a BB to a grape and I probably have about 100 of them all around the tank. I’m afraid they will take over the tank. I like to minimize my hands in the tank but I am thinking about getting some hemostats and plucking as many out as I can. Is this a bad idea? Any other ideas?


Just dont pop em in your tank. They will probably spread. As long as you can remove them intact you should be fine.
If you can, pull the rock out of your tank and pull them off. That way, if you pop them, they wont spore all over your tank. Just rinse them off well with salt water (discarded water-change water is always handy for this kinda stuff) then put them back.
Good luck. I have a few bubbles of my own I need to deal with. Heh.

nm reef

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Manual removal is a good way to help control them. I've removed many and discarded them...plus I have used the vac to remove small ones whenever I do water changes...and I have used a rather large syringe to deflate them...especially the larger ones. Its been my experience that emeralds can help with new growth....young/small tender ones...but they seldom are effective against larger bubbles. Personally I think a combination of tools work best. Natural predators...stable water chemistry...adaquate filtration...manual removal. They can be brought under control but it can be difficult.:thinking:


NM gives good advice. I'll remove some rocks during a water change if I can and remove as many as I can rinsing them with the old tank water, some I'll scrub off with a tooth brush. The vac thing works too. I'll attach a 1/2 inch PVC pipe to soft tubing to try to suck some up when doing the water change. I'll find after that the emerald crabs will start eating the husks of any that are left.


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The emerald crabs eat mostly the small ones but they do help cause they help me clear off some spots. The big ones are the ones they don't eat and you'll have to removed them manually. Its a tough to fight off bubble algae the only thing you could do is keep them from growing too much. I have both the bubble algae and the spagetti bubble algae.