Bubble in Eye


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Is it pop eye?
Can you post a pic of it?


Its not pop eye, the eye is not swollen or anything, he has an actual air pocket inside his eye. when wife comes home i'll take pic.


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Like this?

It's still pop-eye (a form there of). Potentially caused by either of 3 things, poor water conditions, trauma, or bacterial infection or other disease.


I had a chalk bass that had the same problems, it will come and go, fish was fine, but its annoying. Don't stress out. There is a salt that helps the swelling go down, cant rememeber the name to save my life, but u could get it in any grocery store.


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Originally Posted by erifish3 http:///forum/thread/381660/bubble-in-eye#post_3326829
Kinda does look like that, how do i cure that?
My apologizes for the late reply. Personally, I don't like treating for pop-eye. AJRoc is referring to Epsom salt, which is said to help. If the pop-eye is not caused by a disease, I don't treat for it. Make sure your water parameters are good and healthy, and if they could use improving, do additional water changes to help. Make sure the fish is eating well, though being a lion, don't overfeed. The fish pictured in my post, cleared up in about 2 weeks. I believe his was from trauma from netting at the LFS. Those Bream are basically torpedoes in the water.
Diseases that cause pop-eye are usually flukes. However they usually cause the eye to become hazy first, and then pop, and it's rarely only one eye.
AJRoc, I also had a Chalk Bass that would randomly come down with pop-eye. I assume because it was part of a spawning pair, and they were a little rough on each other.