bubble tip anemone doing well or not?

This week I purchased a bubble tip anemone. I am not sure if it is doing well or not? Can anyone tell me what they are like when they are doing well and/or when they are doing badly?
Here is the picture I got of the anemone. It has been the same since I saw it in the store. It has maintained a white color with white tips. It hasn't puffed up or at least what I think that means. I am not sure how much of it is down inside the rock, it is wedged itself between the two rocks.


looks bleached even for a WBTA...as for the inflating part bubble tips can produce tentacle's that are fat with little tips at the point of each one...mine have never inflated but are doing great...they need alot of light, like VHO or MH, it looks good as for its form but the color looks like it eather wasnt getting enough light or the store that you got it from had it under like T5s and you put it in your tank and say you have MH that will also make it lose its color and give it a "bleached" look ...what kind of light are you using?
the last one is bleached because it INSISTS on being in the cave with just about half the tentacles expanded outinto the light...but im not going to move him hes been there for about a year i assume if he wants more light hell move



it's bleached, but with care it will come back to it's normal state. Care meaning proper lighting and feedings. I got mine back to health in about a months time.